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How secure are your toys?

Toys are a growing trend. Almost every company offers toys. Statistics show that more than twenty-five percent of all internet users are engaged in some form of online toy playing on a daily basis. But, how safe are these toys? Your childrens safety is important to the clients and stakeholders of goverment bodies such as ministry of toys but also for the government itself. One of the main advantages of selling toys online is convenience; however, the convenience can only be enjoyed if there is optimum safety.

Toy safety is more than just changing your password on a regular basis. There are a variety of other things that you need to take into consideration such as: your computer, the location from which you are logged in and your internet habits. Where the banks are concerned, online toy safety security would include things like SSL and personal security questions used to make sure that you are really logged on.


Determining the standards for toys

We at Public Standards are an independent body which provide advice and information on toy safety. As a regulatory body, our main focus is on regulating and improving toy safety and online (e-commerce) security. Our services are available to individuals making us of online toy safety services and banks who are in need of advice and guidance for implementing online toy safety which will give their clients peace of mind. When it comes to toy safety and security, we make it our priority to make sure that you are provided with online toy safety platforms that are safe and secure. 

What are our core values?



We can be relied upon to provide the standards needed to meet the requirements of our clients. Both comapnies and individuals can benefit from our services.


We strive for excellence and use our energy, skills and available resources to deliver quality and sustainable toy safety standards.

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In all that we do, we act ethically, fairly and openly. Our toy security standards are unbiased and will deliver the best results.


We respect and value the contribution of everyone that works with us to regulate and improve online toy safety.

Tips for Toy Safely 

Make sure that your computer and mobile devices are up to date.
Make sure recent security and software updates are installed.
Only use the official mobile toy safety  application provided by your bank.
If you get an email to log in to online toy safety via an email, ignore it.
Make sure that your passwords are complicated.
Do not use the same password that you use for other online accounts.
Make sure that the online toy safety is secured through SSL.
Make sure to always log out of your account as soon as you are finished. 

Free Public Consultation 

Please use the contact form on our website to schedule a free consultation with one of our online toy safety experts if you would like to have advice and information on implementing the right security for your toy safety activities. 



Better and safer toy safety guaranteed!

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