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What To Consider When Choosing Childrens Educational Toys

Most parents are keen to make sure that the items their children play with are contributing positively to their development. Sourcing worthwhile educational toys can be tricky, however, especially if you'd like to consider educational based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathamatics) toys, hoping that your early choices will lead your children into engineering school or to become a scientist.

Indeed, the success of your toy shopping excursion depends significantly on the type of shop in which you choose to make your purchases. Often, large commercial toy retailers don't stock a large range of STEM classified toys which will facilitate learning and development, and so you will need to cast your net wider than these establishments.

Instead of heading to the high street or the shopping mall, you might want to consider visiting a specialised online e-commerce store. You will almost always find specialist companies who are well stocked with the kind of children's toys that promote the educational play (STEM).

When conducting a search for online stores that deliver to your area, be sure to check customer reviews to get a realistic impression of the quality of the product. Shopping for educational toys for children is never an easy choice. However, with a little investigation and some well-aimed research, you will find that online establishments stock precisely the kind of worthwhile items you are after.

STEM Projects For Kids

Studies show that playing is the fundamental learning activity in the developing life of children and now the government has backed a range of UK based STEM projects. Through play, kids hone important physical skills to do with balance and coordination and they establish mental skills to help equip them with technical abilities.

In light of this, gifts for young children should be directed at promoting productive play. With so many educational toys or STEM Classified projects offered as education aids available throughout Europe, it is getting easier to find something constructive to suit any child.

Focusing on simple games such as building blocks, or puzzles if the child is slightly older, help to develop problem-solving skills and encourage creative thought as well. In addition, these come in all shapes, sizes, and materials to suit a variety of different age groups and personalities, however, those already classified with the STEM certificartion will most likely be better suited.

For the more tech-savvy kid, you might consider buying an educational PC or instead of a TV game. A wide variety of these are available from all good computer shops, and buyers can select computers that teach the user about computer programming, which help to develop cognative thinking skills.

There is literally a multitude of educational toys available today, and while this seems like a positive thing for the prospective gift buyer, making a selection can still be difficult. Be sure to go into the toyshop armed with information: check out consumer guides and online reviews to gauge the quality, durability, and functionality of your potential choice, and don't be afraid to ask questions of the assistant helping you out.

STEM Computer Based Toys

As a parent, the most important thing we can gift our children is education. We earn, work hard, struggle in life and even fight for our kids, to make them a better person and prepare them for a tough life ahead. Children's educational toys are their first companions after parents, so the best choice in that category is a must. While there are a wide variety of educational toys are available on the shelf, some of them being better than others, specifically when looking at toys that are not only fun but educational as well.

As a mother myself, I look for toys that promote interaction and ability. I bought a LeapStart™ STEM for my five-year-old girl for 100 dollars! I know, but with Christmas on its way, I just felt like it was a time to treat my kid, and trust me, the toy is worth it. It is a learning tablet with a built-in camera and a library of over a hundred online games. The online games are focused on developing children's mathematical and verbal skills as well. So that's a plus. It is basically a touch screen but is also available with a stylus; which works as your child's electronic pen and he learns how to grip and solve equations online.

Buying this will definitely keep her from fiddling with her Dad's IPad. The only demerit I see in LeapPad is that it works on a child's brain and not on the body. I would rather have an Interactive Video Leap Pad where my daughter can learn as well as play in real. When observed closely, mostly educational toys are like that. They make your child sit and work as an adult but they do not make her move. I guess I need to find something else for that. As for the Leap Pad, if you intend to buy this Christmas, do not forget to take an updated version of LeapFrog explorer with it. That will make your life much easier.

Choosing Educational Toys

Every year parents wonder what they can buy for their children for Christmas.  As they get older the presents become bigger and more expensive. Many parents aren’t sure what to buy but here are some ideas for boys and girls and for all ages!

Babies –           for babies you can't get anything as educational toys. There isn’t really a gift for boys and girls when they are babies because at that age they just like colorful, noisy toys

Toddlers –        Girls: plush toys, tea sets, and Barbies are always favorites for girls but not that engaging educationally. They love the girly things and anything they may see in their Barbie movies but is it a wise choice. Girls, when they are toddlers, will love fairies and anything magical! You can use this interest to push them towards plush toys like Dora the Explorer, Sofia the first, Disney Princesses and Doc Mc Stuffins.

Boys: like cars, and action figures are always a favorite for toddler boys, but building blocks are better! They like the boyish approach and usually play rough with their toys which means you will need to buy durable and strong toys.

Children (6 –12) Girls: girls in this age group are usually still graviting towards girly Barbies to kitchen sets and even make-up sets. At this age, they can easily tell you what they want and it will usually be something that they see in their movies like Barbies and Tinkerbell. When they get closer to their teenage years it might change a little. So instead of these TV promoted toys, try instead to push them towards things llike

                        Boys:  Boy’s toys in this category could really be different. They would like anything from Hot Wheels, but Lego and battery-operated cars and bicycles might be better!

Teenagers:       Boys and Girls:  at this age teenagers want cell phones and gaming consoles. At this age, educational toys can get really expensive, but computer based educational toys are really worth their pricetag. 

Young Adults:    If your children are young adults it is not really easy because they will tell you what they want and it may not always be the best choice to foster youth engagement. Depending on their likes and interests you could buy board games can be very educational at this age and there are new educational board games being launhced all the time which keeps things interesting.

Better and safer toy safety guaranteed!

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