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Public Standards

How to complain about public bodies over standards and policies that you disagree with!

There are many public bodies with their own standards and issues that affect the way in which we live. We constantly brush up against different organisations and public bodies who’s job it is to protect the public, so no matter if you are concerned about government policy and wish to voice your opinion by contacting the Conservative party or maybe you want to contact Ofcom by telehone and let them know what you think about specific issues that maybe affecting you, it is your right and duty to do so.

There have been a number of complaints reported recently with DHL mail, specifically about lost parcels. Most have been made via email, you can made complaints via email or call them. if you need to make a complaint call DHL mail and follow the correct options.

British Independent Incoming Tour Operator Association, looks after and repasents over 120 tour operators, if you have a complaint you can call British Independent Incoming Tour Operator Association and follow the correct to have your issues raised.

If you have any issues you would like to raise, the following issues, Pest Control, Health and Safety, Food, Environmental protection and Public Authorities contact London Environmental Health and safety to raise any issues.





We appreciate all feedback about public standards and as long as people complain with a constructive attitude and do not abuse our staff or the staff of other organisations we welcome all feedback, which is the very material that often motivates policy makers to change opinions or formulate new opinions about sometimes subjects they were not yet already aware. 


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