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USA Government Agency Against Money Laundering Backs Down After Facing Legal Action!

The USA Government Agency FinCEN has broken down after facing heafty legal action brought aganst it for illegally blocking an Andorran Bank from the USA banking system last year.


Following a disupte with the Andorran Government last year, the American government agency for money laundering FINCEN lashed out and took action against the only bank that had self reported incidents of money laundering to its own govenrment agency as it was required to do so, ironically the Andorran Govenrment INAF agency hid these reports from the USA while the head of INAF at the time previously precided over the regulation of the bank in her role as an auditor while working at KPMG the accountants and auditors used by the bank to self regulat against such issues!

Momentous Victory  

The former and rightful owners of the bank the Cierco Brothers, strked back at the USA government and won their war against FinCEN, while the legal action they brought agaisnt the agency rapidly led to the agnecy crumbling against the hefty legal arguments which FinCEN were unable to defend nor justify their harsh action upon the bank having blocked it from the USA banking system for the last year. 


For more detailed updates ef events as they unfold see BPA Bank Andorra News page for detailed commentary!






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