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Taxation is an important part of any governmental strategy!

Taxation is an important part of any governmental strategy with the idea behind taxation to gather enough resources that can then be used for the welfare of the masses. Governments ensure that the people have all the necessities of life like water, electricity, gas, security, hospitals etc without any problems and takes taxes from the people in order to arrange these services. A single person can’t ensure his security, build himself a hospital, generate electricity and gas for his house and arrange a constant water supply without having an overarching authority to help him out.  This is why the people combine to give taxes and the overarching authority i.e. the government uses the taxes to provide the people with these resources.

However, it’s important that the taxes imposed on the masses are in accordance with their ability to pay them. You can’t expect someone who only earns £100 a day to give £50 of that to the government but you can expect someone who earns£ 500 a day to give £50 of that to the government. This is why governments introduce different types of taxes so that people who are more privileged contribute more while people who don’t have the same privileges are not overburdened. This is the reason why corporate tax was introduced in the first place some 50 years ago with the idea that corporations who post huge profits should be taxed on an entirely different scale to individuals and small traders who can only dream of the numbers generated by corporations. 


USA Government Agency Against Money Laundering Backs Down After Facing Legal Action!

The USA Government Agency FinCEN has broken down after facing heafty legal action brought aganst it for illegally blocking an Andorran Bank from the USA banking system last year.


Following a disupte with the Andorran Government last year, the American government agency for money laundering FINCEN lashed out and took action against the only bank that had self reported incidents of money laundering to its own govenrment agency as it was required to do so, ironically the Andorran Govenrment INAF agency hid these reports from the USA while the head of INAF at the time previously precided over the regulation of the bank in her role as an auditor while working at KPMG the accountants and auditors used by the bank to self regulat against such issues!

Momentous Victory  

The former and rightful owners of the bank the Cierco Brothers, strked back at the USA government and won their war against FinCEN, while the legal action they brought agaisnt the agency rapidly led to the agnecy crumbling against the hefty legal arguments which FinCEN were unable to defend nor justify their harsh action upon the bank having blocked it from the USA banking system for the last year.  Read More...

What The Public Needs To Know About Bank Charges

It is back breaking to be on top of debts due to unfair bank charges mostly imposed on accountholders due to flimsy account problems. These penalties can ruthlessly cripple you especially if you are servicing other bank products like loans.

Here is a glimpse of the minor mistakes you can make and the existing bank charges  Read More...

How to complain about public bodies over standards and policies that you disagree with!

There are many public bodies with their own standards and issues that affect the way in which we live. We constantly brush up against different organisations and public bodies who’s job it is to protect the public, so no matter if you are concerned about government policy and wish to voice your opinion by contacting the Conservative party or maybe you want to contact Ofcom by telehone and let them know what you think about specific issues that maybe affecting you, it is your right and duty to do so.

There have been a number of complaints reported recently with DHL mail, specifically about lost parcels. Most have been made via email, you can made complaints via email or call them. if you need to make a complaint call DHL mail and follow the correct options.

British Independent Incoming Tour Operator Association, looks after and repasents over 120 tour operators, if you have a complaint you can call British Independent Incoming Tour Operator Association and follow the correct to have your issues raised. Read More...

Trading Standards Tel 0844 850 0172

Have you ever had a complaint about a product? Maybe it caused you or your loved one harm? Or maybe it fell short of the stated measure or weight? In such cases, most consumers simply decide not to purchase the item again and opt for an alternative. But others raise an alarm on such situations. Well, it’s good for all consumers to know that there are rules that protect them. One organization charged with consumer protection is the Trading Standards.

What is Trading Standards?

This is a local authority department whose mandate is to protect consumers against unscrupulous traders as well as offer support services to legit businesses. Formerly referred to a Weights and Measures, the authority enforces a range of legislation such as licensing, health and safety, environmental safety and health etc. Read More...


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